Breast Augmentation in Shreveport, LA: Being Safe with Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation in Shreveport, LA: Being Safe with Breast Implants

A survey back in 2013 reported a success rate of 98% among American women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery with 85% meeting their desired breast sizes. The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal stated that most of these women had their lives return to normal including being able to breastfeed within 25 days. Confidence of these women had also reportedly improved after the procedure.

Figures exhibited by publications like the one cited above encourage more women to undergo plastic surgery for a number of cosmetic reasons, but, restoring or reconstructing one’s breast(s) after the treatment of health conditions like breast cancer is a known medical benefit. Despite the promising rate of success, breast augmentation must only be performed by licensed plastic surgeons from established practices like Knight and Sanders.

Breast Implant Safety

Breast augmentation in Shreveport, LA usually involves the use of implants to give patients fuller breasts with better cleavage and shape. Saline and silicone gel implants are the common types of implants used for breast augmentation, each with its own pros and cons. Among the two, however, saline implants are preferred for primary breast augmentation procedures, whereas silicone implants are best for certain patients, particularly those who already have saline implants but are having problems related to obvious rippling and palpability.

Plastic surgery centers like Knight and Sanders offer a variety of cosmetic services to their clients including breast reduction and tummy tucks. Plastic surgeons thoroughly discuss the whole procedure to their patients including the pros and cons that they must know about, and what to realistically expect. When looking for a dependable plastic surgeon, a member of organizations like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is highly recommended.

Considering the fact that breast implants have the risk of leaking or not looking as natural as possible (i.e. asymmetry, unsightly folds or ripples), individuals seeking to undergo a Shreveport breast augmentation procedure can’t simply entrust their health and well-being to any plastic surgeon. You have to do your own research and checks to ensure that you get quality service and results from an experienced practitioner.
As mentioned, certified members of leading plastic surgery organizations are ideal candidates as one’s surgeon for breast augmentation. For one, being affiliated with such organizations assures you of the physician’s strict adherence to a code of ethics and proper medical education.

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